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Employment and Personal Branding Series

Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider, what do you need to thrive at work? What kind of environment? What kind of relationships? What kind of dynamics? What kind of work? But first, take a step back. Do you believe it is even possible to thrive at work? Do you remember when you experienced joy, happiness, meaning and purpose at work? Is it a faint memory? Is it something you want to draw from the past and bring into the future? Then this workshop is for you!  

Day One

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 

Thriving in the Workplace

What do you need to thrive in the workplace?  As a Wholehearted being, what are the needs of your body, mind, heart and spirit at work? We tend to focus on our mental needs, often to the exclusion to the needs of our bodies, our hearts and spirits. Consider how to heal fragmentation by filling those needs, at work. This is the first step to thriving no matter where you are! 

Duration: 2 hrs

Day Two

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 

Experiencing Happiness at Work

What skills of mastery bring you the greatest happiness? Which skills evoke worry or boredom? Learn how to transform that anxiety into excitement and joy! Contemplate who you are, where you have been, before setting course in a new direction where you thrive in the workplace: even if it is not your final destination. 

Duration: 2 hrs

Day Three

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 

Taking Your Heart and Soul to Work

Do you remember a time when what you did at work was in complete alignment with who you are, the values you hold, and your ambitions to make the world a better place? Consider the role of taking your heart and soul to work with you. Contemplate taking the Higher Road. What does that feel like? How do you do that? Contemplate your personal values; develop a commitment to yourself, your family and your community to take your soul to work - no matter where you work. 

Duration: 2 hrs

Day Four

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 

Soar above the clouds!

Now that we have spent time reviewing the needs of your body, mind, heart and spirit at work consider how to present yourself as a Wholehearted being to the world. Contemplate how to integrate your needs, your values, your heart and soul into your resume, your LinkedIn profile and everywhere else. Explore means and methods of using your work search tools not only as a tool employers use, but also as tools you use to determine your fit in a position, in an organization. Then let your wings out and fly to your next destination! Soar above the clouds. Thrive at work! 

Duration: 2 hrs

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